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Term Courses (2023-24)

Here you will find all of the term-time afternoon classes we offer at Limassol Theatre Arts School (LTAS).

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is the art of telling a story through song, dance and acting. LTAS aims to give students the greatest possible individual attention from a dedicated, highly-qualified and caring staff, in order to develop their talents as well as providing them with the broadest spectrum of training in the Musical Theatre classes. LTAS boasts to have one of the very few West End performers in Cyprus as the Musical Theatre Head of this facility. Students focus on developing their skills in singing, dancing and acting and have fun preparing for and rehearsing for on stage performances in a group of children. The aim is to build their confidence and create the stage performers/entertainers of the future.


Acting / Drama

Acting is core to every subject and class taught at LTAS. Whether it be singing a ballad or performing choreography or reciting verse; students need to know how to act through Dance, Song and Text. Practical lessons are taught on improvisation technique, mime, monologue and script reading, sight reading, basic acting techniques, advanced acting and acting for screen. Every year our students are also given the opportunity to enter the Trinity College London Acting or Speech and Drama exams.



Expert tuition is given by specialist vocal (singing) coaches who work with students individually and/ or in groups. Practical classes include: vocal development, harmony, audition preparation, Musical Theatre repertoire, performance technique and exam preparation for the Trinity College London Singing (Vocal) exams - both the classical and rock/pop syllabus.



We welcome children from the age of 3 years for the following: Jazz/ Modern Dance classes, Tap Dance, Ballet lessons, Hip Hop classes and Contemporary dance lessons, as well as Gymnastics, Tricks and Stretching lessons, Fitness and Yoga.


Integrated English Learning Programme (IELP) – English Skills, Communication Skills and Book Club

We have developed the English Communications, English Skills and Reading Skills/ Book Club classes as part of our English department, in order to provide children a complete method of acquiring the English Language, which has been designed based on the UK curriculum and is delivered by experienced professional Native English-Speaking Teaching Staff, in parallel to all the other extra-curricular activities we offer at Limassol Theatre Arts School.


Our Communication Skills lessons aim to increase confidence and skill in all modes of speech, while developing vocabulary, phonics in younger-aged English lessons, writing and grammar in our English Skills classes and of course reinforce comprehension and analytical literary skills in Book Club. LTAS prepares students of all ages at all levels for the Trinity College London examinations in Communication Skills and Speech and Drama. These exams are designed to allow candidates to develop and refine expertise in different registers of communication through spoken English.


Musical Instruments – Guitar and Piano 

Under the expert guidance of professional and qualified musicians and teachers, our piano and lessons are taught on an individual basis (private classes). Practical classes include: music theory, composition writing, sight reading, and exam preparation for the Trinity College London Piano exams.


Music Theory

Under the expert guidance of a professional and qualified musician and teacher, this class is taught on an individual basis in the specialist music room.


Tricks and Stretching

This class combines the art of flexibility with the thrill of learning impressive tricks. From handstands that make heads turn, to contortions, flips and twists that mesmerise, children explore a wide spectrum of tricks that challenge and amaze. This class focuses on a range of dynamic and static stretches, helping to increase flexibility over time. The gymnastics, tricks and stretching class is taught by a professional coach, who boasts years of experience as a former gymnast.


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